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What are the Different Diamond Shapes?

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what-are-the-different-diamond-shapes.jpgIf you’re looking for the perfect diamond ring, you’re probably asking yourself “What are the different diamond shapes and how do I choose the right one?”

There are many options to choose from, and at Nelson Coleman Jewelers we understand that picking the perfect diamond shape can seem overwhelming. Just remember, choosing a shape is all about YOU. It’s all about what looks good on your hand and compliments your personality.

To help you find that perfect diamond, we’ve compiled a list of diamond shapes and the differences between each.

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The Difference Between Diamond Shapes and Cuts

Very often in the jewelry industry, the term diamond “cut” is confused with diamond “shape.” The actual shape of the diamond refers to exactly what you think it does, the geometric form of the diamond. We will cover the different types of diamond shapes in this post.

The two terms are interchanged because ultimately the diamond shape is still cut into its form. Diamond cut truly refers to the quality of the how the diamond is processed in terms of proportions and symmetry. The “ideal” cut will optimize the gem to allow the most amount of light possible to travel through the diamond.

Numerous factors determine the quality of the cut, including the depth, crown height, cut angles and more. Cut is one of the 4 Cs of Diamonds that can be customized to pick your dream diamond. But let’s get back to the diamond shapes.

What are the Most Popular Shapes of Diamonds?

As you’re shopping, you may find that you prefer different shapes for rings, earrings, and other styles of jewelry. If you’re wondering what diamond shapes work best for engagement rings, it truly depends upon your personal preference.

Regardless of your diamond shopping motive, if you’re looking for a stone with maximum brilliance (brightness) and fire (sparkle), then these shapes may be right for you.

Round Brilliant

The most popular diamond shape is the Round Brilliant. It is also the most researched, accounting for about three-quarters of all diamonds sold. If you’re looking for a diamond that shines brilliantly in any light, a round brilliant is what you want because they are cut to optimize light reflection.

Better yet, check out our selection of Hearts on Fire jewelry— each piece has a unique, patented variation of the round brilliant cut that maximizes light reflection, color, and clarity.

Princess Cut

The princess cut is the second most popular shape and is commonly used in solitaire engagement rings. If a round diamond doesn’t fit your style, try the rectangular shaped princess cut diamond for a more contemporary look.

Radiant Cut

The radiant cut is similar to the princess cut, but is square in shape and is marked by trimmed edges. This cut combines the sleek appearance of the emerald shape and the brilliance of a round shape, making it an excellent choice for engagement rings.


Oval diamonds are similar in radiance and fire to round brilliant diamonds, but the oval shape offers one advantage: It makes fingers look long and slender due to its elongated shape.


The Marquise is similar to the round and oval shapes, but creates a diamond with a larger surface area, making it appear larger. Choose a marquise diamond if you are trying to maximize size appearance.


Also known as a teardrop, this pear shaped diamond is a combination of the marquise and the round brilliant shapes. This unique design shines like a round brilliant while also making fingers look long and slim.

Cushion Cut

Also known as pillow cut diamonds, cushion cut diamonds have a square shape with rounded corners. This shape highlights a diamond’s clarity and is flattering with vintage settings.

Emerald Cut

Emerald shaped diamonds have a uniquely cut pavilion (the bottom portion of a diamond) and a large rectangular surface that creates a unique mirror-like effect. Although it has less fire and brilliance than its round and oval counterparts, this shape highlights the clarity of the diamond and has a modern, sophisticated appeal.

Asscher Cut

The Asscher cut is nearly identical to the emerald cut expect it is square in shape. Both Asscher and emerald diamonds emit less fire, but they are more transparent and offer a sleek, elegant appearance.

Looking for something unique and eye-catching? Try these shapes…

Let your creative nature flow with a truly unique diamond shape. Along with the most popular diamond shapes discussed, you can choose from these dazzling cuts.

Heart shape

Truly a symbol of love, heart shape diamonds are perfect for solitaire pendants and rings.

Fantasy Cuts

Fantasy cut diamonds are defined asany shape other than the traditional styles listed above. They include:

  • Half moons
  • Trillion cuts
  • Trapezoids
  • Baguettes
  • Tapered baguettes
  • Single cuts
  • Full cuts

Now, please don’t think this is the whole kit and caboodle! We haven’t even talked about grading diamond cuts yet!

A well-cut diamond can increase in value up to 50%. This is because it takes certain types of ‘rough’ to be able to cut a diamond to its optimal standard. When you’re talking about round diamonds, depending on what laboratory or manufacturer you are talking to, it could be called an ideal cut, or excellent cut. In the industry however, the most common term to refer to an optimally cut diamond is ideal.

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