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Shy Creation Jewelery

Shy Beginnings

Founder Shy Dayan began his career as a master jeweler with a penchant for exquisite statement-making creations. In 1993 Shy Creation was born, and immediately became known for one-of-a-kind diamond pieces. 

As Dayan’s vision evolved, a burgeoning collection emerged with fresh, wearable designs built on the foundation of meticulous quality and artistry. Unmatched craftsmanship married with young and modern aesthetics produced a new concept: fine jewelry that is both fun and luxurious.

Modern Twists

Today, Shy Creation is America’s fastest growing jewelry brand led by Shy and his siblings, David and Kathy. Shy Creation’s jewelry is contemporary, modern and young. The  collection is light and airy, all set in either 14-karat rose, white or yellow gold. They believe that the modern woman doesn’t need an occasion to treat herself. So, their pieces are tailored to be mixed and matched, layered and stacked.  You’ll never own just one piece of Shy Creation’s jewelry. Their moderate price tags and blushing design will have you wanting an entire collection!

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Top Styles

Shine Bright

Moments in life don’t have to be defined by a holiday or a special event. Only you get to define the moments that matter. Have fun discovering what suits your taste from this contemporary designer with a collection that is fresh, bright and a little bit West Coast. For the modern person who makes their own rules, luxury is viewed through their own lens.

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Nelson Coleman Jewelers is the Baltimore area’s favorite Shy Creation retailer. We are 9th oldest jewelry store in the United States, operating since 1856. In addition to providing jewelry and services for life’s most important moments, we support our local community through charity and partnership through The Chris Coleman Enrichment Program. For inquiries regarding our products, services and hours, call us at 410-650-6285.

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