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Every story has a beginning, ours began in 1856.

Jeweler, watch-maker, and royally appointed “Keeper of the Clocks”, Adolph Doederlein opened a little jewelry shop on a bustling cobble lined street in Munich, Bavaria. 


Doederlein Jewelers, 1st Generation


Adolph Doederlein, jeweler and watchmaker, of Munich, Bavaria was the proprietor of a Doederlein Jewelers from approximately 1856 to his premature death in 1873. He was also the royal court appointed “Keeper of the Clocks” in Munich.

Business is interrupted until re-established by son, Ludwig Doederlein, born 1863, orphaned after Adolph’s death. Ludwig was trained in jewelry repair and as a clock and watchmaker while in the orphanage.

1880-1931 Doederlein Jewelers, 2nd Generation

1880: Ludwig left the orphanage and immigrated to the United States and worked at Oppenheim Jewelers in Baltimore, Maryland.

1898: Ludwig returned to Munich with his family (wife and 3 children, one of which was son Carl) and briefly established Doederlein Jewelers.

1899: Upon the death of son Alfred, Ludwig returned to the United States and opened Doederlein Jewelers in Staunton, Virginia.

1906: Ludwig relocated business to Baltimore, Maryland.

1908: Ludwig moved to Greenville, South Carolina and worked for Hale Jewelers.

1911: Ludwig returned to Maryland and reopened Doederlein Jewelers on East Baltimore Street in Baltimore.

1917: Carl J. Doederlein, Ludwig’s son, joined the family business, located at Park & Lexington Streets, Baltimore, Maryland.

1920-1954 The Carl J. Doederlein Company, 3rd & 4th Generation

920: Carl J. Doederlein began to manage the business and Doederlein Jewelers once again operates at the level originally established by Adolph Doederlein in 1856.

1930: Store is renamed as “The Carl J. Doederlein Company” and is moved to 10 W. Saratoga Street, Baltimore, Maryland.

1937: Virginia Doederlein (4th Generation), Carl’s daughter joined the family business after apprenticing for 5 years.

1939: Virginia Doederlein married Nelson R. Coleman, Jr. who immediately entered the family business. Nelson introduced custom design and renderings. Virginia left the family business to raise 6 sons.

1950: The Carl J. Doederlein Company purchased the building at 318-320 N. Charles Street, Baltimore, Maryland.

1954: Carl J. Doederlein retired.

1954- Present Nelson Coleman & Sons, Ltd. Nelson Coleman Jeweler, 5th Generation

1954: Nelson Coleman continued the business, operating under his own name as Nelson Coleman Jewelry specialists at 333 N. Charles Street, Baltimore, Maryland. He was joined in the business by Nelson Coleman, III in 1960.

1972: Nelson Coleman, III opened the Carriage House selling antique clocks and watches.

1980: Nelson Coleman Jewelry specialists became Nelson Coleman & Sons, Ltd. Sons Mark S.
Coleman and Carl C. Coleman join the family business.

2002: Jewelry store moves to 307 E. Joppa Road and is renamed as Nelson Coleman Jewelers.

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