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Montage Jewelry Care Plan

The premium protection of a Montage care plan will help protect your watches and jewelry and keep them in great condition.

What Does Our Montage Jewelry Care Plan Protect?

When you opt-in to the Montage Care Plan after making a purchase from Nelson Coleman Jewelers, you’ll have access to a number of services designed to help maintain your jewelry and watches. The Montage Care Plan protects a variety of jewelry pieces, as well as key watch parts.

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Qualifying purchases from Nelson Coleman include most jewelry pieces. The Montage Care Plan offers coverage for jewelry such as:

Contact us to learn more about coverage options for your jewelry.


Your care plan will cover repairs, replacements, and maintenance necessitated for watch components including:

  • Metal
  • Leather straps and bands
  • Rubber straps and bands
  • Stem
  • Crown
  • Bezel
  • Crystal

The Montage Care Plan also provides coverage for mechanical failure.

Benefits of the Montage Jewelry Care Plan

Choosing to participate in our Montage Care Plan provides protection and peace of mind. With Montage, you’ll receive coverage beyond what you would receive with basic jewelry insurance, as well as quick and convenient repairs throughout the duration of your agreement. By opting in to the Montage Care Plan, you can get protection and coverage for lifetime investments to ensure your treasured pieces are taken care of.

Montage Program Jewelry Repair Service

When you wear your jewelry regularly, repairs may be necessary over time. With the Montage Care Plan, many types of repairs resulting from regular wear, as well as accidents, will be covered.

Necklace Repair

If your necklace chain gets knotted or kinked, a Montage service center or care provider can execute professional repairs to ensure your piece remains intact, sturdy, and beautiful.

Ring Repair

We will happily repair cracked or thinning shanks on rings purchased with the Montage Care Plan.

Earring Repair

If you have broken earring backs or posts, the Montage Care Plan will cover the costs of these repairs.

Pearl Necklace Repair

Pearl jewelry that becomes stretched or broken can be repaired through Montage; this care plan covers these repairs and pearl restringing, as well.

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Bracelet Repair

Montage care providers can unknot or unkink bracelets for continued wear.

Other Jewelry Repair Service

For any piece covered with the Montage Care Plan, we are happy to provide additional jewelry repair services to protect and maintain your jewelry.


Montage can cover soldering repairs, but this care plan will not provide coverage for solders at the time of purchase.

Prongs and Mountings

Repairs for broken, bent, or worn prongs and mountings are also covered under Montage.

Montage Program Watch Repair Service

Keep your watch beautiful and functional with watch repair services through Montage. Watch repair and service with the Montage Care Plan includes coverage for:

  • Broken links
  • Broken clasps
  • Mechanical failure
  • Deep damage to metal watch straps, bands, or bracelets

Please note that the Montage Care Plan will not cover repairs for minor surface scratches that occur as a result of regular wear.

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Jewelry Replacement Coverage With Montage Protection Plan

The Montage Care Plan will cover the repair or replacement of stones in your jewelry that result from covered damage. Minor surface scratches resulting from everyday, normal wear will not be covered.

We are also happy to replace and reset stones up to ½ carat or $250 retail value for 30 days after your purchase, though we cannot replace opals, emeralds, or tanzanite.

Only lifetime care plans will offer center stone coverage and provide repairs, replacements, and other services for center stones.

Watch Replacement Coverage With Montage Protection Plan

If your covered watch requires part replacement, parts and service will be covered for certain circumstances and incidents, such as the following.

Accidental Damage

Montage will cover replacements required for watch parts that are accidentally damaged. The key parts covered under this plan include:

  • Stem
  • Crown
  • Case
  • Bezel

The Montage Care Plan provides coverage for watch crystal replacements in the event of accidental damage, as well.

Additionally, if a water resistant product incurs water damage, and the damage is reported within 30 days of first noticing it, you can receive coverage for part or product replacement.

Watch Bands Replacement

In the event that your watch band or strap suffers deep scratches, rips, or gouges, Montage will cover the cost of replacement. In general, your Montage Care Plan will cover one strap replacement each calendar year for the duration of your agreement. Similarly, Montage may cover a one-time case, bracelet, or clasp refurbishment while your care plan is active.

Watch Battery Replacement

If your watch battery fails or becomes depleted while under the Montage Care Plan, we will replace these batteries up to one (1) time each year. In these cases, battery replacement must be completed by the selling retailer.

Jewelry Services Covered Through Montage

The Montage Jewelry Care Plan will cover different jewelry services in addition to repairs and replacements to keep your beloved pieces in top condition.

Jewelry Stone Services

The Montage Care Plan provides coverage for jewelry stone upkeep regarding resetting and tightening of stones. However, center stone coverage is only offered through lifetime care plans.

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Ring Services

With Montage, you can get coverage for ring sizing and resizing. It is important to note that the Montage Jewelry Care Plan does not cover ring sizing at the time of purchase; similarly, this care plan does not cover ring sizing for eternity bands or invisible settings.

White Gold Services

During the term of your Montage Care Plan, you will receive coverage for up to one (1) cosmetic rhodium plating of white gold every two (2) years.

Montage Jewelry Care Plan Length of Coverage

Montage Care Plans are available in several multi-year options. You may choose from two-, three-, and five-year plans for jewelry as well as one-, two-, three, and five-year plans for watches. You may also choose a lifetime plan, which includes center stone coverage for your jewelry pieces.

After choosing a Montage Care Plan, you can reference your original sales receipt to identify the length of your coverage and the end date of your service term.

Learn More About Our Watch and Jewelry Services and Warranties

If you need service, maintenance, or other care for your jewelry or watches, please bring your piece, along with your original sales receipt, to your selling retailer or a Montage service provider.

You can learn more about our other warranties and guarantees by contacting us or visiting our Warranties page.

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