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Ring Sizing Services

Ring sizing, especially engagement rings, can be an emotional process for many people. No one likes to be without a precious item for an extended period of time.

But for the safety and longevity of your ring, it is crucial to have it sized if it does not fit correctly. Wearing a ring that is too large will result in damage to the ring, or loss. Wearing a ring that is too small is very uncomfortable, and if the ring becomes difficult to remove it may need to be cut off.

We resize any ring whether purchased at our store or somewhere else.

Get Your Rings Resized Today

Nelson Coleman Jewelers offers ring resizing services that leaves no seam and creates a strong joint. Schedule an appointment to bring your jewelry in-store to get your free estimate! Complete the form below or call us at (410) 494-0080 or book your appointment online today.

At Nelson Coleman Jewelers we use a laser to size rings. Why laser?

  • torch uses solder to join, which creates a weak joint in the ring
  • laser uses the same metal as the ring to size, creating a stronger joint
  • solder joint (especially with white gold and platinum) can often show a “seam” which becomes more visible as the shine of a ring wears off.
  • laser does not show a seam

What is the Price for Ring Sizing?

Many factors are taken into consideration when determining the price of a ring sizing.  The millimeter thickness of the band, the type of metal, the number of stones, how many sizes it is going up or down, and if it will be sized by torch or laser. Unfortunately, we are not able to give a starting price for a ring sizing without first inspecting the ring.

We price all of our repairs using industry standard pricing.

Resizing Limitations

Sizing a ring requires the removal or addition of metal to the bottom of the shank. We recommend not sizing a ring up or down more than 3 sizes to maintain the integrity of the ring.

How long does ring resizing take?

All repair services at Nelson Coleman Jewelers run on a 2-3 week turn around time, unless otherwise noted by your sales associate. Rush services may be available for an additional fee. 

Same day service is not available for ring resizings unless previously scheduled and the ring has had a full inspection by our master jeweler. 

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