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Bellarri Jewelry

Bellarri Adelman is a woman of decisive independence. Her designs are hers alone. The teamwork from the Bellarri brand comes behind the scenes, with her husband and daughter providing administrative and marketing support for the brand.

Bellarri Jewelry prioritizes standing out from the pack. Conformity is not in their vocabulary. By extension, their pieces appeal to the independent minded individual who values the unique

Your World in Color

Although diamonds are incorporated into most Bellarri designs, the stars of the show are the bold and colorful gemstones, chosen with meticulous precision.  Bellarri herself fancies uncommon stones, such as peridot, citrine, garnet, amethyst, and iolite.

Each Bellarri design is a delicate art form that is nearly impossible to emulate.  The blending of colors and unique cuts of gemstones make for a harmonious showcase for the natural beauty of the gems. Some pieces mimic stained glass masterpieces, where the artistry is evident. Yet others set the gemstones in such a way to give the impression that the gemstones grew organically in the setting, as in nature. Either way, in every Bellarri piece, color is at the heart. 


Bellarri jewelry fuses charm, color and cutting-edge design. Innovative cutting techniques and rich, colorful gemstones make these pieces stand out. Planning for all circumstance, Bellarri employs in-house laser cutters to render their patented gemstone cuts.

One of the most significant Bellarri cuts, the Mystique cut, features a flat table with a scalloped crown. From the center, the Mystique cut gemstone appears to burst in an eruption of color and light. The Mystique cut is only one of many cuts patented by Bellarri. You won’t find too many prongs in Bellarri designs. The brand favors the channel setting, which lends the appearance of having been found in the rough, melded together with the metals organically.

Multi-gemstone and Diamond Earrings by Bellarri

Timeless Style

Bellarri describes her ideal client as a person who doesn’t like to blend in; who wishes to be front and center. If you desire bold and colorful designs, wearing them with both casual and formal attire, Bellarri may be the designer you’ve been looking for.

When you lay your eyes on a Bellarri jewel, you are transported to a fanciful world of color, passion, beauty and artistic endeavors. 

Bellarri never strays far from her internal philosophy the “A true Artist should capture the eyes, the soul, and the heart with every creation.”

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