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Professional Jewelry Inspections

People often don’t think about getting jewelry inspected by a professional until it’s too late. At Nelson Coleman Jewelers, we know that replacing a lost gemstone can be costly, which is why we clean and inspect your jewelry for free. We recommend that you get your jewelry inspected every 6 months to ensure it remains in top condition. This is especially true for jewelry that you wear on a regular basis, such as wedding rings. Everyday wear and tear is inevitable, so it is important to get regular jewelry inspections to detect loose gemstones or defective prongs before jewelry is damaged.


Nelson Coleman Jewelers offers free cleanings and inspections. Contact us today at 410-494-0080 or by filling out a contact form online for more information or to schedule your drop off!

Performing a Jewelry Self-Inspection

While it is important to get professional jewelry inspections twice a year, you should also examine your jewelry between visits. Some problems cannot be detected with the naked eye alone, but there are some obvious signs that your jewelry may be damaged. You should look for loose or missing gemstones or diamonds, bent or missing prongs, damaged clasps, and uneven wear on chains. If you find any problems with your jewelry during these self-inspections you should schedule an appointment with a professional immediately. These self-inspections should also include a light cleaning, which can be done using everyday items that you already have in the house.

How to Clean Jewelry at Home

It is important to have jewelry cleaned by a professional at least twice a year, but noticeable dirt can be removed between these bi-yearly inspections by cleaning your jewelry at home. Nelson Coleman Jewelers recommends using a gentle jewelry cleaner. Please note that not all gemstones are safe to use with any cleaner. Make sure you read the directions carefully before use.

Professional Jewelry Inspections with Loupe Magnifier

You should never rely on self-inspections and self-cleanings alone. Professionals have a trained eye when examining jewelry, as well as magnifying tools to help identify issues that are invisible to the naked eye. Jewelers loupe magnifiers allow jewelers to inspect pieces with 10x more clarity. Pairing this tool with a jewelers magnifying lamp can help professionals identify potential problems with your jewelry that you would not be able to find on your own.

At Nelson Coleman Jewelers, a professional jewelry inspection involves not only a safety check to ensure all gemstones are secure, but also a thorough cleaning to maintain shine. We offer a basic cleaning and inspection for free every six months. However, we also offer several other low-cost options for your more expensive and emotionally valued jewelry pieces. You can click here to learn more about our jewelry cleaning and inspection services.