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Pearl and bead stringing starts at $4.00 per inch

Restringing is a critical part of maintaining your pearl and beaded jewelry. Over time the thread holding your precious jewelry together will weaken. With pearls and beads, this is unavoidable. Even if you do not wear your item often, the thread will weaken due to age and even how it’s stored.

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Nelson Coleman Jewelers offers jewelry restringing for your necklaces and bracelets. Use the form below or call us at (410) 494-0080 for a free estimate!

If this is your first time restringing an item, there are some things to keep in mind.

If your item is knotted, it will come back shorter after restringing 

The knots and thread holding together your item stretch over time and with wear. When you restring an item it will return to its original length. Make sure your receipt includes an accurate count of your pearls before getting them restrung.

If your item was unknotted, and you want it knotted it will come back longer

When you add knots to an item, you are adding distance between the beads/pearls. Make sure to discuss the ideal length you would like the item to avoid a bracelet or necklace that’s too large.

When you replace a clasp, the entire piece will need to be restrung

If you have a multi-strand piece, get all strands restrung at the same time

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