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Selling Your Gold

Why Is Nelson Coleman The Best Place to Sell Gold?

Finding the best place to sell gold can be difficult. It may seem that there are limitless options. Nelson Coleman Jewelers is the best place to sell your gold. Nelson Coleman Jewelers offers the security that pawn shops do not, and the trust that mail-in services do not. We have our customers’ best intentions in mind through every step of the gold selling process.

At Nelson Coleman Jewelers, we also pay attention to what actually sells. If it’s a piece that we know we will sell quickly, we’ll offer you more money for it. We have the ability to identify special gold pieces and offer you a competitive price. We’ll educate you on the different markets too so that selling your gold is a process that is transparent as possible.

Our team of gemologists on staff can verify almost anything! We have an accredited gem lab at Nelson Coleman Jewelers so that we can offer you the best service possible. If you bring in a specialty item that our gemologists on staff can’t determine, such as a gold coin or bullion, we have specific trusted partners that are experts in specialty and collector’s items. Our tenure in selling gold has allowed us to make connections so that whatever you have to sell, we can buy!

What To Do With Old Jewelry?

Sell Used Jewelry

When selling used jewelry, you will not get the value that you originally paid for, but Nelson Coleman Jewelers works to give you the best value for your gold if you choose to sell. Bring in all the old jewelry you have, even if you don’t think it’s worth much. You never know what you have until someone tells you–broken chains and costume jewelry can be worth a lot! We’ll take anything from one earring from a set to gold teeth fillings. Your ability to sell at Nelson Coleman Jewelers can be endless.

Redesign Old Jewelry

Not looking to sell your old jewelry? At Nelson Coleman Jewelers, we can help you redesign or repair your old jewelry as well! We can tackle nearly any task so that your old jewelry looks as good as new.

Trade-In Old Jewelry

If you have your eye on a piece at Nelson Coleman Jewelers then you’re in luck! We value your gold at 20% if you trade it in to buy something in store.

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