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We Buy Gold in Baltimore

If you are looking to sell gold in Baltimore, MD for cash, then we are here to help! Nelson Coleman Jewelers is a direct buyer of gold items. We pay the best prices for your pieces!

We have the ability to identify strong gold pieces and offer you a mutually beneficial, competitive price. We’ll also educate you on the different markets so that selling your gold is a more approachable process. We’re here to help!

We Buy Silver in Baltimore

We pay top cash for silver in Baltimore, too. Nelson Coleman Jewelers is your one-stop shop for all of your selling needs. We pay top dollar for fine silver and sterling silver pieces. Our professional team will examine your pieces and make you an offer. We’re looking for everything from jewelry pieces to tea sets.

We Buy Jewelry in Baltimore

When selling your jewelry, you won’t get the same price that you originally paid. Luckily Nelson Coleman Jewelers will give new buyers the best value possible for your pieces of gold and silver. Consider bringing in all of your old jewelry to evaluate its worth. Broken chains and costume pieces can wind up being valuable- we can let you know! We’ll take anything from one earring from a set to old heirloom pieces that have been gathering dust. There are so many options.

We Buy Watches in Baltimore

Nelson Coleman also buys watches. We can offer you great cash prices, and we often can work with the most serious collectors. Our watch experts will be able to evaluate your collection and make you an expert offer.

If you’re looking for a fair price in Baltimore, or just need some advice on selling gold, silver, or other jewelry then contact Nelson Coleman Jewelers! We are happy to answer any questions you may have. If you would like to set up an appointment, we’d be happy to do so! 

How to Receive a Quote

Please fill out the form below. Please include your contact information, as well as description of each item you are interested in selling. We’ll get back to you and set up a time to discuss your pieces.

Our estate buyer will not be available for consultations or evaluations October 17 – October 23.

Nelson Coleman Jewelers is not currently looking for gold and silver coins. We may make an exception for large sets of coins or large proofs.

If you have other gold and silver pieces in your collection, we’re interested in talking to you. Our team has years of experience in the jewelry and precious metals industry. We will be able to give you a more realistic valuation on any gold, silver or other items you want to sell. 

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