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What Can You Do with Loose Diamonds? – Adventures in Antwerp part 5

A few nights before my first trip diamond to Antwerp, I was having dinner with my mom. Chatting away about the amazing adventure I was about to have and going over my daughter’s schedules. My mom paused for a second and asked me, “Amie, what can someone do with a loose diamond?”

Few people ever think about buying loose diamonds for jewelry. The majority of people have never even seen one! There are so many different things you can do with diamonds from Antwerp.

A few years ago, my friend came in to have his wife’s engagement ring cleaned. While inspecting it, I noticed that one of the side stones had chipped. To make matters worse, a few of the small diamonds on the band were missing as well. I remember when he first bought her engagement ring. He spent hours deciding on the perfect mounting. He had a few options for replacing the damaged and missing diamonds. We could order diamonds in that were the same color and clarity, and have a general match. Or, while in Antwerp, I could hand-select the replacement diamonds for a perfect match. He chose Antwerp, and now she loves her engagement ring even more!

Finding out your diamonds need replacing can be heartbreaking. But you can turn heartbreak into a once in a lifetime experience by having them picked out in Antwerp.

Jewelry is like a cake. When you’re about to bite into a delicious fork-full of chocolate goodness you don’t see the flour and eggs. When you look at a piece of jewelry you don’t see the unpolished metal and loose gemstones that create it. You see the mouth-watering finished product.

There are two primary parts to jewelry, the mounting and the stones. Mountings exist for every type of jewelry and every style imaginable. When you’re in the market for new jewelry, don’t overlook creating a new piece. We’ll work with you to find the perfect mounting, and the diamonds to make it sparkle.

The near-limitless supply of diamonds in Antwerp allows me to find the best-matched diamonds. Whether its studs or a tennis bracelet, your diamonds will be flawlessly matched.

Not everyone can find the perfect mounting. But with the help of our jewelry designer your dream jewelry can easily a reality. The custom design process is fun and easy, you can read about it in depth by clicking here. Once you’ve finished it’s time to find the stones to go in it. We’ll work together to make sure I bring home the diamonds that will bring your one-of-a-kind piece to life.

Loose diamonds aren’t something you think about often when buying jewelry. But they give you a whole new world of possibilities. I’m leaving for Antwerp on March 21, what jewelry dream can I make a reality for you?

Amie is a GIA Graduate Gemologist and has worked at Nelson Coleman since the summer of 2004. She lives to hand-select the very best diamonds to meet our customer’s expectations of quality and cost.

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