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What is Bort? – Adventure’s in Antwerp part 3

Have you ever heard of bort? Every year the diamond industry produces approximately 142 million carats of rough diamonds. 80% of that production is called bort. Bort is a low-quality diamond that is dark, imperfectly formed or crystallized, and only valuable in crushed or powdered form. Not all diamonds are created equal. 60-80% of the remaining 28 million carats of diamonds will be cut and traded in Antwerp, Belgium. Whoever has access to diamonds in Antwerp gets to pick the best of the best. When I’m choosing your diamond, I’m not just looking for one that fits within your guidelines. Not all diamonds are created equal. I comb through hundreds of diamonds seeking the one that lights up the room. That gives you everything you want. And I’m able to do this at no extra charge to you. Antwerp doesn’t mean a more expensive diamond, it means a better diamond. My next Antwerp Adventures begins on March 21. What can I bring home for you?
amie benson
Amie Benson
Amie is a GIA Graduate Gemologist and has worked at Nelson Coleman since the summer of 2004. She lives to hand-select the very best diamonds to meet our customer’s expectations of quality and cost. Miss my previous Antwerp Adventures? It’s More than Diamonds So This is Love

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