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Tips for Buying Loose Diamonds: Get the Best Diamond Deals

We’ve all heard it before. The same info from diamond buying guides. Learn your 4 C’s of diamonds, go to a trusted jeweler, make sure your diamond is certified. Are there diamond buying tips that don’t turn you into an amateur gemologist?

Yes there are! After you’ve attempted to digest the usual resources like How to Buy an Engagement Ring and the 4 C’s of Diamonds, you can now get the best diamond deal with these tips.

Tips When Buying Diamond Rings

When buying diamond engagement rings you should buy the diamond and setting separately. Not only does it personalize your engagement ring, it also can be easier to stay in budget.

Buying Diamond and Setting Separately

You don’t have to buy THE setting with a so-so diamond. Hand picking your diamond is an intimate process. It gives you more options and your own vision. Not some random guy named Steve’s at Best Jewelers. You put in your preferences (or your soon-to-be wife’s) of clarity versus fire, oval versus round. And out comes a unique diamond engagement ring with a story, a purpose.

You came up with a number. You’ve been coaching yourself to stay within it as you walk through the jewelry store’s doors. Here’s a big tip, it’s the diamond that counts. That diamond is what she’ll stare at. Day after day. When it catches the light in the grocery store or at the beach. Now how does this help your budget?

Loose Diamonds Display

It’s not about the most expensive or biggest diamond. It’s about how it looks. Picking out a loose diamond can give you the best deal. You can spend more on the diamond and leave the rest of your budget for the ring. You’ve decided what you like, now you can set it in whichever ring style you want.

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Buy Loose Diamonds Wholesale

Diamond buying from wholesale events means you can get a better diamond. Your budget suddenly fits a whole nother level of diamonds. Diamond wholesale prices are the lowest cost diamonds can be. These events cut out the middleman. Go ahead, get your girl what she deserves.

Loose Diamonds Heart Display

Getting the best diamond deal doesn’t always mean cheaper. If you’re a super romantic. If you want to give her something like no other. A diamond from Antwerp is the way to go. Hand-picked fresh on the market diamonds to suit your needs from across the world. Diamond buying in Antwerp may be coming up, contact us to see when our next trip is.

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Extra Diamond Buying 101 Tips

To sum it all up, let’s dig into some diamond buying advice for engagement rings.

    • Buy outside of what’s trendy. It’s a basic principle of economics (even though I failed that class). When the demand is high the cost rises on those trendy items.
    • Buy older inventory. Most places will lower the price on older items to get that merchandise moving. This includes loose diamonds and engagement rings!
    • Don’t pay attention to the certificate. It’s like an online dating profile.

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  • That being said, pay attention to what it looks like to you. Can you see the difference in color? Does the L color look at home in a rose gold setting? Is she going to look at it under a microscope? No, yes, no.
  • We can’t stress this enough, see the diamond in person!
  • Don’t be afraid to buy it! Yes, it is a huge decision. No, you shouldn’t buy it if alarm bells are ringing in your head. But if you like the jeweler, you love the diamond, she will love the diamond. Buy it now. Diamonds are immensely unique and anyone will be hard pressed to find a similar diamond.

Say Yes to the Diamond

You don’t need a complete diamond buying for dummies guide to get the best deal and diamond for you. It does go a long way to find a jeweler you can trust. Jewelers spend years with continuous education to be the expert. You don’t have to be. Just follow these tips when buying diamond rings and loose diamonds. When it’s the one, it’s the one. You know she is.

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