Estate 1.88 Carat Rhodalite Garnet


The pharaohs of ancient Egypt, the wealthy of ancient Rome, the nobility of the Middle Ages all treasured garnets. This stone is even believed to be one of the four precious stones given to King Solomon by God.

Garnet is often thought of as a deep red, but they come in a rich array of colors, including greens, oranges, purplish reds, and even some blues. The purplish-red or pink varieties are known as rhodolite garnets.

Rhodolite garnets are easily distinguished from their darker siblings. They’re like a rosé while red garnets are merlot. Lighter, brighter, and with subtle purple undertones.

The stunning color of rhodolite garnets is unforgettable. This oval-shaped garnet would look incredible as the center stone of a ring or pendant.

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  • Estate
  • 1.88 carat
  • Oval Shaped
  • 8.21 x 6.15 x 4.08 mm