Diamond Crab Necklace


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Hey, hon! Feel like goin’ down to the ocean?

Nothing beats a hot summer day, a couple of cold Bohs, and crabs. Lots and lots of crabs. It’s like all our favorite summer days were transformed into an adorable necklace. One that’s made to last with 14kt gold so it won’t turn your skin green. With just a touch of diamond sparkle. Small enough to be worn every day and so lightweight and comfortable you’ll forget you have it on.

Take a little Bawlmer with you every day.

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  • 14kt yellow gold because you deserve to be fancy
  • Bezel set diamond for ultimate security
  • The adjustable chain can be worn at 16″ or 18″ so you can change the length without switching chains
  • Fixed chain so your crab always stays put
  • Petite design makes it incredibly comfortable and an easy piece to layer

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Model photos by Alex Krall Photos

MID# MF029792-14Y

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