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Brian and Danielle’s Custom Engagement Ring Design

The Ballad of Brian and Danielle

When it came time for Brian to start shopping for an engagement ring he knew an off-the-shelf ring wouldn’t do for the love of his life. So much of Brian and Danielle’s life together revolves around music. So Brian began his search for a custom engagement ring that would incorporate their musical nature.

Brian and Danielle’s Custom Designed Engagement Ring

Brian and Danielle’s Custom Designed Engagement Ring CAD View “When I began looking around for jewelry stores around me, I noticed that Nelson Coleman was the highest reviewed, and decided to come and see for myself. When I entered I was immediately greeted, welcomed, and offered assistance. I then explained how I was looking for an engagement ring for the love of my life and how I was kind of looking a custom ring which would be something that she would treasure forever, enter Jaclyn Schleigh.” – Brian Brian worked with Jewelry Designer Jaci Schleigh to custom design Danielle’s engagement ring. Together they designed this 14k white gold diamond ring with an old European cut center diamond and surprise pink tourmalines. “Jaci is a master of her craft who sat with me, brainstormed ideas for the ring, and made the idea into reality even found the perfect diamond to top off the entire ring. I wanted a music-themed ring as my wife is a music teacher. Jaci was able to craft the band of the ring into a musical staff, and line it with the notes from Danielle and I’s song.” – Brian Brian and Danielle’s Custom Designed Engagement Ring Showcase View “The rest is history.”- Brian Brian and Danielle’s Wedding Photo On the morning after Easter Brian and Danielle were laying in bed. He was telling her the story of his best friend’s botched proposal and the advice he was given to just get it out. When the story was over he surprised Danielle with her custom-designed engagement ring and popped the question. “One of the biggest worries I did have going into this entire endeavor was that the price would be too far out of my reach, Nelson Coleman was able to work with me to get this perfect ring into my price range. With the rebates given for the purchase of the ring, I was able to also buy the wedding bands after I had proposed, which were relatively inexpensive. I can’t thank everyone at Nelson Coleman enough for everything they have done for me and my wife. After my experience here I don’t want to go to any other jewelry store.” – Brian Brian and Danielle’s Rings Showcase View Create your own custom story at Nelson Coleman Jewelers. Schedule an Appointment

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