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Meet Our Staff

Sales Team

Jaclyn Schleigh
Jewelry Designer

Jaci is one of our two jewelry designers on staff, as well as our resident ear piercer!

In fact, many of her clients want her to help them redesign, restore or repurpose family pieces. “I often redesign unwanted jewelry and revive outdated jewelry,” she says. “It’s my job to reinvent these pieces so they are loved and worn again. I often help redesign inheritance jewelry so the heirloom can still live on but in a style more appropriate for the new wearer.”

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Marie Gantz-Hoerr
Regional Sales Director
Outdoor Explorer
Marie Hoerr is a sales manager at Nelson Coleman Jewelers, having joined the company in May 2018. “My job is about connecting a piece and a person,” she says. “It is about finding just the way they want to celebrate, remember or show their love through jewelry.”

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Repair Team

Erik Gerhardt
Bench Jeweler
Music Connoisseur
Erik has been our in-house bench jeweler since the fall of 2011. He has a prior 18 years experience including use of a laser welder. He continues his education with classes and certificates as in the Stewart International School for Jewelers, Zantech Inc., Gemological Institute of America, Blaine Lewis’ New Approach School for Jewelers, and Laser Star. Erik prides himself on his high-quality standards and ensures his customer’s satisfaction, trust, and loyalty.

Back Office Team

Jodi Cockey

Although her title is controller of Nelson Coleman Jewelers, Jodi Cockey is used to wearing many hats. As controller, she handles all accounting-related activities, including high-level accounting, managerial accounting and finance activities. As part of the human resources team, Jodi also takes on employee management responsibilities, including helping with recruiting, managing payroll and handling benefits duties.

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Amie Benson
Inventory Manager
Living the Dream
Amie has earned her Graduate Gemologist Degree and has worked with us since summer of 2004. She lives to hand select the very best diamonds to meet our customer’s expectations of quality and cost.

Sarah Goggins
Marketing Director
Master Crafter
Sarah has been with us since 2010 and has moved up in the company. She spends her time surfing the web and designing creative ads and postcards galore.

Margie White
Clientele Manager

Margie White is a clientele manager at Nelson Coleman Jewelers, joining the company in September 2019 after having spent five years as repair department manager and customer service associate at Dahne & Weinstein Jewelers.

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