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Meet Our Staff

Sales Team

Jaclyn Schleigh
Jewelry Designer

One of the more glamorous jobs at Nelson Coleman Jewelers is the role of jewelry designer. Customers and clients are often impressed with Jaclyn Schleigh’s ability to translate their needs and emotions into beautiful jewelry that become keepsakes.

In fact, many of her clients want her to help them redesign, restore or repurpose family pieces. “I often redesign unwanted jewelry and revive outdated jewelry,” she says. “It’s my job to reinvent these pieces so they are loved and worn again. I often help redesign inheritance jewelry so the heirloom can still live on but in a style more appropriate for the new wearer.”

Although redesigns are a major part of Jaclyn’s job, she works directly with clients. She says it’s one of her favorite parts of her job. “They are treated like family; they know we care,” she says. “We will try to fulfill all their needs to the best of our abilities and make it a quick and easy process. We are just a different experience.”

Jaclyn joined Nelson Coleman Jewelers right out of college and has been a designer here ever since. She enjoys helping clients with their jewelry needs, whether it’s for an engagement, anniversary, birthday, wedding, graduation, new baby or a “just because” gift.

Jaclyn enjoys designing new and completely unique pieces. She values her creative role in the process and feels great satisfaction when she is able to create jewelry that is personalized to a client’s unique needs.”

“I love knowing that I can make people smile and create a lifetime of priceless memories,” she says.

Jaclyn lives in Marriottsville, Maryland, and is busy raising her daughter while fitting in spin classes, hot yoga and long walks with her dog.

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Shirl Hux
Sales Associate
Grill Goddess
Shirl is a people person and troubleshooter. She can help you when you are unsure or have a problem. Even if you know what you want, she’ll tell you all about your special piece.

Marie Gantz-Hoerr
Regional Sales Director
Outdoor Explorer
Marie Hoerr is a sales manager at Nelson Coleman Jewelers, having joined the company in May 2018. “My job is about connecting a piece and a person,” she says. “It is about finding just the way they want to celebrate, remember or show their love through jewelry.”

Helping people is what the Nelson Coleman Jewelers team does best, Marie says. “We want to make their experience with us memorable and special, whether they’re looking for a watch battery or engagement ring,” she says. “Not many places can say that.”

Marie stays abreast of jewelry trends through partnerships with vendors and organizations such as the American Gem Society. She finds dialing in to customers’ very targeted needs to be a highlight of her time at Nelson Coleman Jewelers.

“It is very special to be able to assist someone who comes into our store because jewelry is a very personal thing,” she says. “I love being able to be a part of making their vision come to fruition.”

Nelson Coleman Jewelers has earned a sterling reputation among customers, who value the team’s deep knowledge on all things jewelry. “Our passion for educating all who come in about the pieces they have or the pieces they purchase shines through,” she says. “Our customers know we treat them as if they were family.”

Outside her time at Nelson Coleman Jewelers, Marie enjoys spending time with her husband and two sons as well as all her family. “When we can, we like to travel, be outside and ride bicycles,” she says.

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Repair Team

Erik Gerhardt
Bench Jeweler
Music Connoisseur
Erik has been our in-house bench jeweler since the fall of 2011. He has a prior 18 years experience including use of a laser welder. He continues his education with classes and certificates as in the Stewart International School for Jewelers, Zantech Inc., Gemological Institute of America, Blaine Lewis’ New Approach School for Jewelers, and Laser Star. Erik prides himself on his high-quality standards and ensures his customer’s satisfaction, trust, and loyalty.

Julie Gouldener
Customer Service Specialist
Mom of Chickens
Julie Gouldener is a customer service specialist at Nelson Coleman Jewelers. She works in the repair department, “facilitating the repair and restoration of customers’ beloved jewelry, from fashion pieces to precious family heirlooms and everything in between,” she says. “I also help facilitate custom work, coming up with designs and ideas to rework jewelry into new, updated pieces that our guests will love.”

Julie joined Nelson Coleman Jewelers in February 2019 after having served as a design and production assistant at Lotus Jewelry Studio for two years and apprenticed on the bench with master jeweler Stephen Page. She also worked at InHouse Jewelers for two years.

Julie earned an Applied Jewelry Professional certification from GIA in May 2018. She is studying for graduate gemologist certification and has taken bench, stone setting, hand engraving and counter sketch classes at New Approach School. Julie educates herself even more by absorbing trade magazines and journals such as GIA’s Gems & Gemology, JCK and INSTORE Magazine as well as following jewelry designers on Instagram.

At Nelson Coleman Jewelers, Julie leverages her experience and continued education to help customers make smart jewelry decisions. She enjoys participating in the magic that can come from jewelry repairs and restorations. “I love seeing the completely awestruck, overjoyed expressions on our guests’ faces when they first see their jewelry after we have repaired or restored it,” she says. “Being a part of creating that type of ‘wow’ moment is really special to me. Of course, I also love being around gems and jewelry and hearing the stories behind the pieces guests bring in and the amazing pieces we have in our store, especially in our estate section.”

Nelson Coleman Jewelers’ family-style environment is prized, Jule says. “I believe our customers value the personal touches here like our freshly baked cookies, warm smiles, free jewelry cleaning and the care we take to make everyone feel comfortable and talk about jewelry in a very professional, knowledgeable and approachable way,” she says.

A resident of the Hampden neighborhood in Baltimore, Maryland, Julie enjoys exploring gemology, art, fashion and design, chicken- and bee-keeping and gardening as well as enjoying great food and wine.

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Back Office Team

Jodi Cockey

Although her title is controller of Nelson Coleman Jewelers, Jodi Cockey is used to wearing many hats. As controller, she handles all accounting-related activities, including high-level accounting, managerial accounting and finance activities. As part of the human resources team, Jodi also takes on employee management responsibilities, including helping with recruiting, managing payroll and handling benefits duties.

Now in her 10th year of employment at Nelson Coleman, Jodi has learned a lot in the industry. “I really enjoy jewelry,” she says. “Not only is it nice to look at and lovely to wear, but I have also grown to really appreciate the emotional significance it plays in so many lives.”

Although Jodi spends much of her time behind the scenes working on accounting and human resources, she also sets aside time to keep abreast of changes in the industry, retail, styles and trends.

Jodi enjoys being part of leading buying groups in the industry and believes this activity is also a way for her to keep up with industry news. “These groups help me stay connected to the business,” she says. “I also keep up with trends as part of my association memberships.”

Jodi lives in Westminster, Maryland. She enjoys travel, history and autobiographies. She also loves animals and enjoys good food.

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Amie Benson
Inventory Manager
Living the Dream
Amie has earned her Graduate Gemologist Degree and has worked with us since summer of 2004. She lives to hand select the very best diamonds to meet our customer’s expectations of quality and cost.

Sarah Goggins
Marketing Director
Master Crafter
Sarah has been with us since 2010 and has moved up in the company. She spends her time surfing the web and designing creative ads and postcards galore.

Margie White
Clientele Manager

Margie White is a clientele manager at Nelson Coleman Jewelers, joining the company in September 2019 after having spent five years as repair department manager and customer service associate at Dahne & Weinstein Jewelers.

Margie’s chief role is to provide an exceptional experience for customers. “I offer the best in customer service with that personal touch by contacting clients via phone and email regarding their upcoming special occasions and special store events.”

In a busier-than-ever world full of shopping choices, Margie helps ensure customers feel well taken care of and get what they need. “Making customers feel that their happiness and satisfaction is a top priority!” she says.

Margie and the entire Nelson Coleman Jewelers team strive to build trust in their customers. “Our customers are made to feel like family,” she says.

A Surf City, North Carolina, resident, Margie enjoys spending time with family and friends and making memories with her eight grandchildren. Margie’s other favorite things are walking and relaxing on beaches and just loving life and making every moment count!

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