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5 Tips on How to Avoid Diamond Switching

The thought of diamond switching is scary, but here are five tips to avoid diamond switching:

  1. Check what you sign
  2. Know your ring
  3. Look for accredited jewelers
  4. Opt for in-house repairs
  5. Verify your diamond

Do Jewelers Swap Out Diamonds?

We hope not. But the sad fact is that it happens, and sometimes you won’t even know it. We wrote this blog to arm you with the 5 tips you need to avoid diamond switching jewelers.

You’re Not the Only One Who’s Worrying

You’ll always remember that day, the day he knelt down before you and smiled nervously. He reached out and placed the symbol of his love on your finger. It sparkled and shone brightly in the sun. It was ogled at by your friends, family, and coworkers. It was there when the day came to say “I do”. It will be there every time you move, every job change, every celebration of life. It will be there always, right?

That sentimental one of a kind ring leaves your sight for cleanings, repairs, and adjustments. Does it come back the same?

Many women have come forward expressing concerns about their diamond being swapped out for another. Chrissy Clarius spoke out about her nightmare experience and gave courage to others to do the same. Whether it is a different diamond of similar quality or a completely different gemstone, it is not your diamond. It will not be the same dazzling gem he proposed with and many have felt this.

Now, this is a rare, once in a blue moon occurrence, but sometimes accidents happen. Some jewelers do not make a big show about recording aspects of your diamond, but they write it down as best as they can. Great jewelers take the time to review this with you.

What To Do If You Think Your Diamond Was Swapped

A customer from a local jewelry shop came into Nelson Coleman Jewelers very flustered. She had just picked up her diamond engagement ring from the other shop and was beside herself with worry that her diamond was switched.

She didn’t see the diamond lifted from the old setting and placed into the new one. She needed reassurance and verification that her diamond was hers after updating the setting. What she did was the right thing. She went to a trusted jeweler for some validation.

We looked very closely at her diamond and compared the old and new appraisal to put her mind at ease. Her diamond was stated as an E, VS1, but the other jeweler graded it a D, VS2. Her diamond’s value was more than what they recorded!

Sample GIA Report from

She was embarrassed to not trust her own jeweler with her diamond engagement ring, but knew she could reach out to us. They had not put enough emphasis on walking through documenting the ring she was emotionally attached to, which gave rise to all of her anxiety.

The sad part is when a mistake does occur, your diamond is always replaced with a lesser quality. Know that no jeweler wants to risk their reputation to keep your diamond. They have plenty of diamonds and it’s good business to keep you happy and keep your diamond yours.

If a jeweler makes a mistake it would spread like wildfire in today’s media and take a toll on the company. Both you and your jeweler want to avoid diamond switching.

Be Prepared When You Take Your Jewelry for Repair

Intake processes of jewelry repair will include taking note of all the data from the current diamond to be available for review upon pickup. If not, take your diamond engagement ring to a better jeweler. Repair workbenches are not within customer view, so you will not be able to watch it like a hawk. Take proper steps to ensure its safe return and avoid diamond switching.

  1. Check everything you sign when purchasing jewelry. Check for loopholes that a diamond can be swapped out for one of equal value.
  2. Know your ring! Take a look yourself at the diamond and record the inscription number, make a plot of the flaws and inclusions, weigh the carat.
  3. Look for jewelers that are accredited and have proper certifications.
  4. Consider jewelers offering in-house repairs (not all repairs can be).
  5. Verify your diamond before you leave the store!


Don’t freak out! Diamond switching does not happen very often. However, if something doesn’t seem right when buying that special diamond engagement ring or dropping off for repair, leave! You want to work with a jeweler you can trust and continue to go to for years to come.

Find a jeweler who works for you and wants to keep your diamond yours. We do. Have questions? We have answers! Fill out a form or give us a call to talk to a GIA-Trained Professional.


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