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Welcome to My Blog on Estate and Vintage Jewelry!

My name is Mark Coleman and I have been involved in our multigenerational business for over 39 years! I was born into this business, and have been working here in some capacity since I was a child.

I want to start off by saying I LOVE vintage estate jewelry! I love every facet of it. I am a treasure hunter and I love finding pieces that awe and inspire our customers. Now the process of acquiring wonderful, unique and beautiful vintage jewelry from the past is very different from what you would imagine. Each piece is its own unique riddle. Where did it come from? When was it made? Who did it belong to? What was its significance to the owner? Every day for me is a “get to” not a “have to,” When I walk through the doors of my family store, I never know what amazing treasures I’ll find.

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Why Estate Jewelry Is so Special

I want to talk about you, my friends and my clients. You are our family. Many of you have experienced our beautiful estate jewelry collection here first-hand. I admire those of you who have taken the plunge of breaking the cultural trends that surround us today. In every turn, it seems like there is a homogenization of the look we wear. People talk about diversity all the time, yet as a culture we worry about what clothing is “in” and what’s “out.” What I love about vintage estate jewelry is that it allows people to break those unwritten rules of popularity and just wear what makes them feel beautiful.

Estate and vintage jewelry is the most unique way of expressing who you are. I want you to realize that you are a unique expression of the creativity of nature. Creating the marriage between the person and the estate jewelry has been a passion of mine since I entered this business. There are so many wonderful styles of jewelry that have been created throughout the ages. When I see one of my clients visiting our store, I love to think about what style or period of jewelry design could enhance their personal style.

It is so exciting when a client puts on our jewelry and I see a transformation taking place. As a client tries on a piece of jewelry, an estate jewelry engagement ring for example, their face lights up and their true personality shines through. To really enrich a customer’s experience, I love to tell clients the history behind the work of art they are admiring. Each period of estate jewelry reflects a mood, a state of mind, an emotion, a style of art. Nothing beats the joy of seeing a customer walk out of our shop with a piece of vintage jewelry that nobody else has or can have.

Stay Tuned For Many More Estate and Vintage Jewelry Blog Posts to Come!

I am beyond excited that I will be sharing many of my personal experiences on this blog. I will discuss the different styles, time periods and the uses of vintage and estate jewelry today. I also want to write about where to place sentiment in your collection, what to let go of as time goes on, and how to properly care for your special antiques. There will be much more to talk about including our unique and free Jewelry Box Consultation that is only offered here at Nelson Coleman Jewelers. When you come and visit us, you will see a beautiful selection of all periods of jewelry at all price points. You will be helped by our wonderful staff who is highly trained and dedicated to making sure your needs are met.

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