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The Top 11 Fall Jewelry Trends of 2018

Stay on top of jewelry fashion trends of 2018 with 11 of the hottest fall jewelry trends from Nelson Coleman Jewelers. Based on New York Fashion Week jewelry and other 2018 trends, we’ll give you a rundown of what is popular right now.

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1. Unique Statement Jewelry

The latest big jewelry trend is unique statement pieces. Wear in style earrings, necklaces, and bracelets that no one would expect to be jewelry like this London Blue Topaz Ring or the Red Carpet Necklace.

london blue topaz alternative engagement ring by little bird birdal

Photo by Kait Bailey Photography

2. Fall Leaves & Nature

Fall jewelry trends reflect the season with leaves changing colors, apples, and pumpkins. Welcome fall with the Estate Leaf Necklace or Fougere Cuff Bracelet.

Estate Leaf Necklace Fall Jewelry Trend Showcase View

3. Bolos & Lariats

Western styles are influencing 2018 fall jewelry trends with the modern bolo, lariat, and feather jewelry. Take a look at the Tubular Lariat Necklace below and matching earrings.

Tubular Lariat Necklace Fall Jewelry Trend Showcase View

4. Chunky Chains

Play with the big necklace trend with chunky chains on top of cozy sweaters. Whether your chunky chains are necklaces, earrings, or rings, they are a fall accessory must have. Wear chunky chains like the Pearl Heart Bracelet and Julia Necklace or trendy big necklaces like the Topaz Necklace.

Pearl Heart Necklace Showcase View

Photo by Kait Bailey Photography

5. Orbiting Stones

Fall accessory trends are looking to the sky for inspiration. With orbiting stones and almost weightless jewelry, it’s time to take off with the newest fall jewelry trends. Try on the Milky Way NecklaceSmall Love Knot Earrings, and matching Necklace.

Milky Way Necklace by Frederic Duclos Showcase View

6. Chunky Bangles

Show off the latest styles of 2018 with chunky bangles and bracelets over cozy sweaters. Wear autumn colors with the Solaire Cuff Bracelet and other Les Georgettes cuffs.

7. Torcs & Other 80’s Jewelry Trends

80’s jewelry trends of torcs and edgy earrings make their way as jewelry fashion trends of 2018. Sharp shapes and reflective surfaces carve their way as must have jewelry this fall. Take a look at our top picks for fall: the Layered Marquis Necklace with matching earrings.

Layered Marquis Necklace by Frederic Duclos Showcase View

8. Gold Hoops

Bigger is better for Autumn trends with classic large Hoop Earrings or organic Pear Hoop Earrings.

Hoop Earrings Showcase View

9. Modern Pearls

Classic freshwater pearls aren’t going to cut it this season according to Fashion Week jewelry. Modern pearls are at the top of the charts for what jewelry is in style this fall. Timeless pearls combine with modern styles of yellow gold, Tahitian pearls, and asymmetry.

Tahitian Pearl Drop Earrings by Imperial Showcase View

Fall in love with the Tahitian Pearl Drop Earrings and Bead Necklace with Pearls.

10. Colored Stones

The latest in fall accessory trends makes the most out of multi-colored stone pieces. Fall is full of colors and so is this seasons’ hottest jewelry.

Morganite Drop Pendant and Earrings Showcase View

Photo by Kait Bailey Photography

Take a look at the Morganite Drop Pendant and matching Morganite Halo Stud Earrings.

11. Convertible Jewelry

Personalize and change your style whenever you want with convertible jewelry. With reversible necklaces, bracelets, and rings you’ll be wearing the must-have jewelry of fall. Change your style anytime with the Les Georgettes Cuff Bracelets and Rings.

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