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Estate Jewelry

The Basics on How to Buy Estate Jewelry

For someone who has never bought estate jewelry, it can be tough to know what you’re getting for your money. How do you know which vendors are trustworthy, or the appropriate pricing for each piece of estate jewelry? Luckily, Nelson Coleman Jewelers has generations of history selling estate jewelry. We’re here to educate you on how to buy estate jewelry so you can get a gorgeous estate piece with confidence that you’re getting the value you think you’re getting!

What is Estate Jewelry?

Estate jewelry is broadly defined as any jewelry that has been previously owned. Many times, estate jewelry comes from someone that has passed away, but previously owned jewelry is still classified as estate jewelry whether or not the prior owner is alive. Many times, shoppers confuse estate jewelry with antique jewelry. Antique jewelry must be at least 100 years old in order to receive this classification. Though estate jewelry is seemingly a broad term, checking to make sure it is authentic and genuine is the most important part.

How Do You Know if the Estate Jewelry is Authentic?

To the untrained eye, deciphering authenticity while buying estate jewelry is nearly impossible. At Nelson Coleman Jewelers, we have trained GIA specialists that can spot legitimacy of the estate jewelry piece both with their own trained eyes, as well as using lab testing to determine more detailed results. As a trusted estate jeweler, Nelson Coleman Jewelers works to serve our customers authentic estate jewelry pieces that meets each customers’ desires

How Are Prices Determined When Buying Estate Jewelry?

Besides determining authenticity, Nelson Coleman Jewelers’ GIA certified gemologists appraise each estate jewelry piece that comes through our doors. Our highly specialized gemologists inspect the jewelry, and determine a value that best fits. This is typically determined by the materials used in the piece, stones, condition, along with many other factors. We work to offer fair prices that accurately reflect each estate jewelry piece.

How Do You Care For Estate Jewelry?

It is extremely important to care for the estate jewelry you purchase. Though when you initially purchase your estate jewelry from Nelson Coleman Jewelers it will already be cleaned and polished, however, long-term care for your estate jewelry is important. We suggest inspecting and cleaning your jewelry every 6 months, to avoid any jewelry damage. If something were to occur to your jewelry, Nelson Coleman Jewelers also offers jewelry repair services to restore your estate piece to pristine conditions. Learn More Buying estate jewelry is exciting, but we understand how overwhelming it can be sometimes. Our GIA certified gemologists along with trained staff work every day to help you understand how to buy estate jewelry so that you don’t fall victim to cheap replicas. Schedule an appointment to work with our staff members on finding the perfect estate jewelry piece for you, and browse our estate jewelry collection online.

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