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Looking Back

Baltimore's oldest jewelry store

Can you tell which person in this photo is Nelson Coleman? Helen Coleman? Carl Doederlein?

Did you know that Amanda Coleman is a 6th Generation Jeweler or that Nelson Coleman was an actor, live television personality in the early 1950’s, graphic designer, musician and artist?

Nelson Coleman, Amanda’s grandfather, married into the jewelry business. “Nels”, as Nelson was called back then, is the younger gentleman standing in the back near the safe/vault room. He worked with his father-in-law and Amanda’s maternal Great Grandfather, Carl J. Doederlein, 4th Generation Jeweler, standing behind the counter on the right. Helen Coleman Wedeman, Nelson’s sister and Carl’s bookkeeper, was a key employee for Carl and Nels and is the woman standing in the middle behind the counter.

This is a photo of the rear portion of Doederlein jewelers located at 320 N. Charles Street, downtown, across the street from where Nels opened at 333 N. Charles Street, under the Woman’s Industrial Exchange, at Charles and Pleasant Streets when Grandpa Doederlein retired in 1954. Being the popular guy he was, Nels changed the name to Nelson Coleman Jewelers when he opened. Although usually a risky move, it proved to be perfect marketing. Chris and Mark Coleman are 5th Generation Jewelers.

As you can see they struggled with TOO MUCH STUFFon top of the show cases just like we do today. You might not be able to tell but all 3 clocks on the wall have different times on them. Do you think they did any better than us with staying on time?

Nelson Coleman Jewelers is a member of the Jewelers of America’s 100 Year Club and one of only 10 family owned and operated jewelers in continuous operation for over 150 years. Nelson Coleman Jewelers will celebrate their 157th Anniversary in May. Go Team!

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