Classic Engagement Ring Mounting in White Gold by Martin Flyer

Available In Store Only



  • Available in 14kt, 18kt, and platinum
  • Price reflects 14kt white gold, with G-H SI1-SI2 diamonds. Other options available.
  • Price is based on ring size 3-8
  • Center Diamond Not Included


Ok, so she’s a little indecisive. And by a little I mean a lot. She’s the type to get “The Indecision” at IHOP® that basically comes with everything. She has a million pairs of shoes but takes forever to pick a pair to wear. Whenever you ask her what she wants to eat, she says she doesn’t know followed by, ” Whatever you want?” TYouname a couple restaurants, and she turns every single one down. She’s picky, but that’s part of why you love her. Out of all the men in the world, she chose you. It means the world knowing that being with you is the one decision that came easily to her.

Now you just have to get her the perfect ring. Ok, don’t freak out. It’s actually really easy. Because here it is: the one ring that has it all. It’s luxurious 18 karat white gold and platinum with the most dazzling 0.82 carat diamond accents she’ll ever see. The undeniably classic design and fashionable array of diamonds will blow her away. As you slip this one and only ring on your one and only love, there won’t be a moment of hesitation before she utters the word you’ve been waiting to hear: “Yes.”

Center diamond sold separately.