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Jewelry Spa Club

Are you seeking professional jewelry cleaning services to bring back the shine to your treasures? Nelson Coleman Jewelers’ Jewelry Spa Club takes care of all your needs! Also known as our professional jewelry cleaner membership, our Jewelry Spa Club offers incredible discounts and thorough jewelry cleaner for restoring the beauty of your cherished jewelry pieces.

Professional jewelry cleaning is necessary for keeping jewelry in top shape. While home cleaner solutions may remove some debris, a jewelry spa thoroughly cleans your jewelry pieces, resulting in an extended lifetime and value of your jewels. Additionally, our Jewelry Spa prevents costly damages such as missing stones and gems.

Nelson Coleman Jewelers’ Spa Treatment with Jewelry Cleaning leaves your jewelry looking polished and pristine while checking for any needed repairs. What’s the best part about getting your jewelry spruced up? You’ll receive extraordinary savings and discounts with our Jewelry Spa Club! Contact us today to request a Jewelry Spa membership for your beloved jewelry.

Professional Jewelry Cleaning Membership

Our Jewelry Spa Club membership offers unbelievable discounts for all your jewelry pieces, ensuring each of your precious items receive the care they need and deserve. Joining our Jewelry Spa costs only $25 and is renewable each year for only $10.

Here’s what you get with a Jewelry Spa Club membership:

  • 50% off all professional jewelry cleaners.
  • 50% off all spa treatments for any item of jewelry you own.

Nelson Coleman Jewelers’ team of jewelry experts and professionals utilizes special equipment during the jewelry cleaning process to inspect jewelry pieces and remove all dirt and debris. If any sign of damage should appear, our jewelry specialists will work with you to repair the item and restore its original beauty.

We recommend having jewelry inspected and cleaned every six months. Regular jewelry cleanings and inspections ensure your precious treasures receive the proper care they need to retain their beauty. Our Jewelry Spa allows you to benefit from professional jewelry cleaning services while enjoying the tremendous savings and discounts our Spa Club offers.

Our Jewelry Spa provides professional jewelry cleaner for practically any jewelry item, ranging from pendants and necklaces to engagement rings and wedding bands. Furthermore, our Jewelry Spa offers outstanding discounts on all your jewelry pieces, allowing all your items to receive the professional jewelry cleaner they need to stay in top condition.

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Are you interested in joining our Jewelry Spa Club for professional jewelry cleaning services? Please enter your information below to request a jewelry spa club membership, or call us at 410–650–6285. We look forward to hearing from you!

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