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Introducing Jorge Adeler

Jorge Adeler

When Jorge Adeler was a young man, growing up on the beautiful beaches of Mar del Plata, Argentina, he used to read news from Rome, NY, Paris and Moscow. Even then, he believed that to truly understand what the news meant, a person had to understand the origin and cultures of the people writing them. Years later, as a jewelry designer, his theory still rings true. To be able to understand a gem, first one has to understand its origin, its people, its country and its hidden emotion.

With this knowledge and understanding he is able to pair a gem with its rightful person. Only then can he communicate its secrets and mysteries and create a piece of jewelry with emotion and purpose. These pieces not only possess great value and beauty, but also allow the wearer to share a world that has fascinated mankind since ancient times.

Mr. Adeler became involved in the jewelry business for many reasons, one of the most prominent was his love of gems and also his passion for travel. Having grown up in Argentina he had both physical proximity (to the vast richness of the Brazilian gem mines) as well the cultural understanding that allowed him to travel through extremely inhospitable regions of the Andes and the jungles of Colombia. Through his over 30 years of travel in the world of gems and his subsequent accumulation of knowledge and contacts in the field of gemology, he has been able to hone in on the finest sources for gemstones, pearls, Italian gold and shipwreck coins.


Don’t miss this rare opportunity to see the Jorge Adeler collection April 24-26. Nelson Coleman Jewelers will host a special collection of nearly 100 pieces of stunning Jorge Adeler jewelry. Jorge’s attention to detail and love of gemstones make him the favorite among Hollywood celebrities and jewelry lovers everywhere. This collection of one-of-a-kind jewelry has never been seen in Baltimore and offers something for every taste and budget!

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You’ll also have the opportunity to meet Wendy and Valentina Adeler!


Valentina Adeler Armour

Valentina Adeler Armour earned her BA from George Mason in 1990 and her Graduate Gemologist Degree from GIA (the Gemological Institute of America) in residence (NY) in 1991. She is the Appraiser on staff and holds the distinguished credentials of AGS Registered Jeweler (2008) and AGS Certified Appraiser (2009). She has continued her studies through follow-up courses in GIAIdentifying Challenging Syntheticsand alsoGIA Detecting Fracture Filled Synthetic Diamondsjust to name a few. She is also an apprentice designer and many of her one-of-a-kind designs grace the showcases at the Adeler Jewelers retail store.


Wendy Adeler Hall

Wendy Adeler Hall earned her BA from George Mason University in 1991 and her Diamond Certificates from GIA shortly thereafter. She has worked in the “family business” since 1996 as the Vice President of Marketing and Philanthropy for Adeler Jewelers. She takes her responsibility for “giving back to the community” very seriously and is proud to represent her family in the philanthropic community through chairmanship, volunteerism and sponsorship of many worthy causes and events. She enjoys promoting the unique and exquisite designs her father and sister create. She is also in charge of the Adeler Jewelers online presence and electronic store.

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