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4 Ideas for Repurposing Antique & Vintage Estate Jewelry

For those of us that own them, antique and vintage estate jewelry are treasures from the past that, like a good wine, only get more splendid over time. For some of us they’re our staple pieces, but for others, they’re reserved for the most special occasions, or simply kept for sentimental reasons. Whether it’s an inherited family heirloom, a thrift store steal, or a jewelry store find, it’s never too late to modernize or recycle your estate jewelry and make it a part of your everyday collection. Below we’ve outlined our top 4 favorite ideas for repurposing vintage estate jewelry.

Create Something Completely Custom

If you have estate jewelry that’s broken, unstylish, or just not your taste, don’t let the valuable silver, gold, and gemstones go to waste. Take your piece to a custom jewelry designer, and let them walk you through your different customization options. Depending on your budget and what type of piece(s) you’re looking for, the possibilities are nearly endless. At Nelson Coleman, we’ve had people custom design all kinds of jewelry. We’ve turned old wedding rings into pendants, necklaces into bracelets, and pretty much anything else you can think of! Schedule an Appointment

Jazz Up A Simple Ring With New Diamonds

custom-diamond-rings Do you have a vintage wedding or engagement ring that feels just a bit too simple? Adding small diamonds on either side of a main stone is a great way to breathe new life into something you wear every day. Additional diamonds make great anniversary gifts that symbolize a relationship’s past, present, and future. Have loose diamonds, or gemstones, instead? Consider getting your stones reset in a custom designed band that reflects your unique taste and style.

Get Your Vintage Estate Jewelry Engraved

Sometimes it’s the meaning behind something that makes it truly special. What better way to remember someone, or tell someone exactly how you feel than by getting a personal message or symbol engraved on the jewelry you give or receive from them. Maybe you have an antique watch that you’re hoping to give as the perfect gift or a grandmother’s ring that you’re passing down to your own children. Whether it’s for yourself, or a loved one, engraving is a fantastic way to transform an old piece of jewelry into something new.

Give Your Jewelry A Good Cleaning

antique-estate-jewelry You’d be surprised what a professional jewelry cleaning can do for your vintage estate jewelry. Many times when a piece is brought to our shop,  it’s been years or even decades since it’s been cleaned. At-home cleaning solutions can be especially abrasive to antique jewelry. To keep your items looking brilliant for as long as possible, it’s recommended that you properly clean and inspect your jewelry every 6 months. Learn More Whether you’re looking for a custom piece designed or want to look at our full estate jewelry collection, give us a call at (410) 494-0080 or contact us online to make an appointment today!

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