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Debunking Jewelry Myths: Ring Repair Costs Can Be Avoided With Proper Care

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From the first day I started working in the jewelry business I’ve been amazed by things every day. I’ve been amazed by the gorgeous gemstones and pieces of art that we create into rings, pendants, and earrings. Amazed by our clients’ stories about the proposals of marriage, and amazed by all the wonderful memories our jewelry helps create in people’s lives. I’m also amazed that people think their jewelry is indestructible. AMAZED!

I don’t mean to sound abrasive, but why would you think that something you wear on your finger everyday wouldn’t need maintenance? When you drive your car every day, you take it into get an oil change, right? This is so you get the most out of your vehicle and it functions as well as possible for as long as possible. What happens when you don’t get your oil changed? Your engine suffers.

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Diamonds Aren’t Always Forever, And Ring Repair Costs are High

A ring needs maintenance too. While it’s made from materials like gold and platinum, both of which are noble metals, but are not indestructible. They hold valuable gems like diamonds and sapphires, both of which rate high on the Mohs scale but, again are not indestructible. So shouldn’t you get your jewelry checked for issues?

If you wear your ring every day and it has diamonds or gemstones in it, they’re going to become loose, and you can get broken prongs on your ring. This doesn’t mean you have a poorly made product. It just means you’re wearing it as you should and it needs maintenance.

If you don’t get your rings checked every 3-6 months, these stones will continue to loosen until they eventually fall out. So instead of a $35 stone check and tighten, you end up paying $330 for a replacement and re-setting. Ring repair costs and replacement stones for rings are not inexpensive. See why it’s important to have them checked?

It’s not as common for necklaces and earrings to need maintenance as regularly since they’re not worn in a place that commonly endures impact like bracelets and rings. However, they should still be checked. The bigger the stones, the easier it is for them to become loose.

People must consider that without maintenance, their jewelry is at risk. It’s upsetting when customers come to the store angry because they have a stone loose in their ring and are under the impression that we sold them a faulty product. It’s just a fact-rings need maintenance.

Gems can crack or break. Can diamonds chip? Yes! I know I must sound like the Grim Reaper of jewelry, and you might think “Why should I buy jewelry if I can’t wear it without maintenance?” When you think about it, all the things you love and enjoy need maintenance: from shoes and electronics to marriages. Would you avoid wearing your engagement ring because you don’t want to swing by your jeweler every 3-6 months to get it cleaned and checked?

Anyway, back to broken diamonds. While they are the hardest substance known to man, they aren’t indestructible. They are made with covalent bonding, which still has minute space between them. This creates cleavage planes and if you hit a diamond the right way (perhaps you’re wearing it rock climbing, which isn’t recommended) it can break.

Protect Your Investment

There are precautions you can take, and at Nelson Coleman jewelers we have options for you. First, we can help you get insurance for your jewelry. We can write your appraisal and offer you some great advice. If you prefer, you can use an independent appraisal source like Jewelers Mutual or your homeowners/rental insurance.

We do offer jewelry warranties as well. Now, depending on the state of your ring, it may not qualify if you didn’t buy it new from us, but we can recommend what needs to be done for it to qualify. Remember, if your ring hasn’t been looked at in years, it probably needs a little bit of work, even if you only wear it twice a week. Your ring repair costs will reflect the amount of wear and tear it has seen over the years, but it will be worth it to protect your jewelry.

And finally, the best advice: get it checked every 3-6 months.

The Take Away: Avoid Ring Repair Costs by Caring for Your Jewelry

After reading this, you might be thinking that A) you’ve learned something new and are ready to start maintaining your jewelry, or B) that because we don’t guarantee our jewelry, we don’t offer high quality items and service. Hopefully, you’re thinking A and not B.

If your thoughts are more aligned with option B, please call or email me. I bet I can help you create an heirloom piece out of your jewelry that can be enjoyed and worn for generations. At Nelson Coleman Jewelers, we’ve reached our 6thgeneration and we didn’t get here by being dishonest. We’re proud to have a reputation as a premier jeweler in the Baltimore, Towson, and Lutherville-Timonium area.

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