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Customer Testimonial: Q&A with Joanne Lindberg

We’re very lucky to work in the jewelry industry. It’s a dream come true to be surrounded by some of the most beautiful jewelry and diamonds in the world, but that isn’t what makes our jobs so great. It’s people like you. We’ve been blessed to have some absolutely incredible people walk through our doors over the last 163+ years.

We looked quite a bit different when Joanne Lindberg first walked through our doors in 1979. We were located in downtown Baltimore back then, below the Women’s Industrial Exchange on Charles Street. Since then we’ve moved to Towson, a new generation took over, and 40 years have passed but Joanne has been there with us. Joanne graciously allowed me to interview her and give you her insider advice and explain why she’s been coming to us for her jewelry needs for the past 40 years.

Q: What was your first experience here?

A: It felt very different in the old shop. It was very small, very intimate. I had a friend who shopped there. I first started dealing with Chris. I was pretty young and didn’t have a lot of money but I was able to buy a lot of nice pieces that I have and still wear. You buy a good piece of jewelry and it lasts forever. You may change your taste but the jewelry is still beautiful.

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Q: How do you feel when you come in?

A: I feel like a friend who’s coming to visit my friends. Happy because it’s a happy place. A little excited because there’s always something new to see. And I feel well taken care of.

Q: Do you ask for a specific team member?

A: I used to, often I see Mark. Someone always takes care of me so I don’t feel like I have to, to be taken care of.

Q: What makes coming here most memorable?

A: I so often walk out with wonderful pieces of jewelry and most of it is estate jewelry that has stories. When I buy estate jewelry, Mark can tell me a little story about who owned it and how he came in possession of it.

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The wonderful thing about shopping with Joanne is that she doesn’t limit herself to certain styles or categories of jewelry. She loves what she loves and she knows it when she sees it. Joanne truly loves jewelry, from the history and uniqueness of estate jewelry to the beauty and versatility of modern jewelry.

Q: How do you feel when you make a purchase?

A: Simultaneously what have I done and I’m so excited, I love this. So many of these things are one of a kind and they may never come around again. And I’m privileged to be able to wear them.

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Q: Would you recommend this product? If so, why?

A: I don’t think estate jewelry is for everybody. I love it. I do buy other things as well. You have to take a little bit of time to look at all the beauties.

Q: Do you recommend us to others? If so, why?

A: I do because I think everyone who walks into NCJ will be treated like a friend or potential long term customer. It’s not like walking into a jewelry store in the mall. I think anyone walking in is going to feel special.

I would recommend Nelson Coleman Jewelers, the staff, and the wonderful jewelry to anybody as a place that you can feel confident that you’re buying what you think you’re buying at a good value. I have no hesitation to recommend Nelson Coleman Jewelers to my friends.

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