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How To Create the Custom Wedding Ring of Your Dreams in 4 Easy Steps

Everyone wants to purchase the wedding ring of their dreams, but not everyone’s ideal ring is sold over the counter. Nelson Coleman Jewelers is one of the best engagement ring designers around, and is here to help you design your wedding ring of your dreams. In just four easy steps you can transform your vague ring ideas into a one-of-kind custom wedding ring. You can schedule an appointment in store to get started, and continue reading to understand Nelson Coleman’s custom wedding ring design process.

Step 1: One-On-One Consultation

Jewelry Consultation - Custom Jewelry DesignCommunication is key at Nelson Coleman Jewelers. At this point in the custom wedding ring design process, one of our designers will sit down with you to discuss your ring ideas and possibilities, and to understand what you want in your custom wedding ring. You will have the chance to review sketches, photos, and actual pieces, which will then help develop the basic sketch of your custom wedding ring. At this point, you will also discuss the 4 C’s of your ring to help complete the brainstorming stage.

Step 2: Image Approval

Image Approval - Custom Wedding RingOnce the sketch has been finalized, a computer-aided design drawing of your custom wedding ring will be developed. This photo-realistic image will allow you to get a better understanding of what your finished custom wedding ring will look like in reality. Any alterations that need to be made will be completed in this step, and our designers will continue to update the image until it meets your expectations. In this step, you will also select a center stone from our vast selection of loose diamonds to finish off the ring of your dreams.

Step 3: 3D Wax Model

Custom Ring - Wax Ring

Nelson Coleman Jewelers works to be the best engagement ring designers, and to do so we ask for customer approval throughout every step of the custom wedding ring design process. In the third step of the design process, a 3D wax model of your design is made to be examined. This model is an accurate representation of what the final ring will look like, and gives the customer the opportunity for any last changes to the ring before it is created.

Step 4: Casting and Finishing

Custom RingFinally, the metal version of your custom wedding ring is created. Each gem is set by hand, and the finished piece is examined carefully to ensure that the finished product encompasses everything that had been discussed throughout the custom wedding ring design process. We work to bring out the shine, texture, and details that were all expressed, while simultaneously working to exceed your expectations.

After this simple four-step custom wedding ring design process, you will receive the wedding ring of your dreams. Nelson Coleman Jewelers works to involve you and get your approval from start to finish of the process. You can learn more about designing your wedding ring on our website, or schedule an appointment in store to start making the custom wedding band of your dreams.

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