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Jewelry Stores in Maryland That Care: A Message from Chris Coleman

I have always taken a sense of pride and satisfaction about being willing and able to do some of the more difficult things here at Nelson Coleman’s that other employees and family are uncomfortable doing. So an elderly gentleman came in today with his daughter. I could tell that he was a little pensive about the visit, a new customer. I was glad I was here to greet him, one old guy to another. His hand was quite swollen and you could see that the about 3 mm wide yellow gold wedding band was very tight around his finger. No chance using the Windex trick or some of the other measures we often use to get rings off that are too tight and won’t budge. The ring had to be cut off.

I always put a stone paper under the ring when I do this operation so that we can capture any gold dust that results from sawing through the metal. That belongs to the customer and is applied as a credit when we adjust the size of the ring.

Even the slightest pressure sliding the cutting device between the ring and his finger caused pain. I also think there was an emotional element because he hadn’t had the ring off in 30 years. He flinched often while I chose the proper size saw devise, pushed it under the ring and against his finger and cut about ¾ of the way through. I had to stop because I couldn’t cut all the way through without causing more pain. I was a little uncertain how to proceed and I could tell that he and his daughter were nervous. Jake offered to help out.

I watched with pride and awe as Jake spoke to our customer, calmed him down, and applied more torque on the saw than I could. The gentleman seemed to feel no pain while Jake finished the job of cutting through the ring and removing it from his hand. Jake prepared his receipt and assured him that we would take good care of his ring for the couple of weeks he’ll need for his finger to recover and so that his finger can be properly sized and the ring adjusted.

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So I’m supposed to be retired. Many of you have heard me say this, but in a family business like ours retirement is a process. Amanda has designated me as “Community Liaison/Ambassador” and I’m loving the opportunity to introduce Nelson Coleman Jewelers to new customers out in the community and brag about my daughter and the awesome team of jewelry professionals we have here at NCJ. Jake is my Nelson Coleman “rock star” for what he did for that gentleman today. Our new customer left completely relaxed with the knowledge that his family jeweler is a pro and his welfare will be looked after, no matter how large or small the job.

I feel so fortunate that NCJ’s 6th generation owner, Amanda Coleman-Phelps, NCJ’s first generation female owner, has a team of key employees that will assist her while continuing the Nelson Coleman jewelry brand. I love all of you and I love our customers.

-Chris Coleman

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