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7 Top Jewelry Brands & Collections You Cannot Miss at Nelson Coleman Jewelers

With the wide range of customers we serve at Nelson Coleman Jewelers comes the need for a large selection of jewelry brands and collections. At Nelson Coleman, we work to offer hundreds of top jewelry brands so that you can find exactly what you’re looking for (and if not, we’ll custom design jewelry for you!). Below are our 7 top jewelry brands — you don’t want to miss these.

1. Tacori

Tacori is one of Nelson Coleman’s top-selling brands. Many times associated with bridal jewelry, Tacori creates some of the most intricately crafted artisan jewelry in the world. Tacori has fused classic elegance with modern inspiration; each piece of Tacori jewelry is a small work of art. Tacori is a top jewelry brand due to their uncompromising dedication to quality and attention to detail.

Shop our Tacori jewelry here.

2.Hearts on Fire

The Hearts on Fire collection is perfection that you can see. Starting with top quality diamonds, combined with the highest manufacturing standards and proprietary manufacturing standards, it’s no wonder that Hearts on Fire is a top jewelry brand. From earrings to necklaces to rings, we’ve got it all.

Shop our Hearts on Fire jewelry here.

3. Shy Creation

Classy and sophisticated, Shy Creation jewelry can appeal to almost any modern day woman. Shy Dayan, the founder and chief designer, works to create fun and fashionable pieces for everyday luxury. Each piece is manufactured with top standards in quality and beauty, to create an elegant masterpiece.

Shop our Shy Creation collection here. 

4. Doves Jewelry

Doves Jewelry creates unique treasures using colored gemstones and diamonds set in 18k gold and platinum. With its eye-popping and colorful gemstones, each Doves Jewelry piece brightens up a room.  As the Chief Designer Doron Paloma said himself, “color is my favorite language.” There is no top jewelry brand quite like Doves Jewelry.

Shop our Doves Jewelry collection here. 

5. Martin Flyer

Nothing says extraordinary as much as handcrafted rings. Each Martin Flyer ring is individually made by hand using only precious metals. Known as one of the most recognized bridal designers in America, Martin Flyer works to deliver heirloom quality jewelry at competitive prices. Their “Five Classifications of Bridal” system has simplified the engagement ring shopping experience, and has allowed consumers and retailers understand the choices available. Martin Flyer is a top jewelry brand that works to help each consumer find their perfect piece of jewelry.

Shop our Martin Flyer collection.

6. Unique Settings of New York

Unique Settings is just that, unique! As one of the first GREEN jewelry manufacturers, Unique Settings set the industry standard in recycled metals and conflict-free stones. They work to only source from ethical sources along with using 100% recycled metals bought from earth-friendly refineries. Unique Settings of New York’s dynamic and flexible product line is continuously growing, with a comprehensive selection of bridal and anniversary designs.

Shop our Unique Settings of New York collection here.

7. Mark Schneider

Mark Schneider is an award winning designer that specializes in contemporary jewelry designs. Mark Schneider works to create timeless designs for every bride, that is a “wearable piece of art.” Each piece of jewelry is unique and distinguishable, and easily customizable. His distinct perspective on jewelry making has allowed him to create some of the most elegant pieces of jewelry available, and has earned him a spot as a top jewelry brand.  

Shop our Mark Schneider collection here.

These are just 7 of all of our amazing top jewelry brands offered. Click here to shop all of our jewelry collections, or contact us to make an appointment to shop in store. 

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