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6 Most Common Jewelry Repairs: Jewelry Damage You Should Look Out For

Your jewelry is personal. You wear your favorite pieces almost every day. Jewelry becomes attached to a memory or a person that is dear to us. They stir emotions. Whether it’s mending a broken heart, restoring a memory, or repairing a connection to the past, jewelry repair experts can take the most common repairs and bring your jewelry back to life. Catching jewelry damage when it starts is a great way to keep your jewelry looking like new (and save a little money too). When jewelry is damaged, check to see if your jewelry is under warranty! But what jewelry damage should you look out for? There are 6 most common jewelry repairs that you can see the damage yourself. Or have a professional jeweler find it with an inspection. What can jewelers fix?
  1. Ring sizing and soldering
  2. Ring prong re-tipping or replacement
  3. Ring head or setting replacement
  4. Chain or clasp repair
  5. Stone replacement
  6. Polishing and cleaning

1. Ring Sizing and Soldering

Your fingers are ever changing from the weather and life changes. Your wedding band can fit perfectly in the winter but when it comes to summer, you can’t get it off! Having the right size ring has its advantages. If you’re tired of your lovely diamond ring sliding to the side, you’re in the right place. Soldering your wedding set together will help it stay put and prevent damage. Metals, diamonds, or other stones will scratch or wear when against each other. Consider ring soldering to avoid repair costs that wear down your wedding set. With skillful jewelry repair service, your soldered rings will look meant to be. Soldered Ring Repair Whether your engagement ring is too small or you’re proposing with grandma’s ring, choose a trustworthy jeweler in your “jewelry repair near me” Google search.

2. Ring Prong Re-tipping or Replacement

Damaged Prongs Repair Prongs like to snag on your favorite warm blanket. Wear down while washing dishes. And break off completely. What is that lovely stone going to do? Fall out when you’re not looking! But don’t get bent out of shape over it. With damaged prongs, you can see the damage for yourself. If one doesn’t look like the others or you’re snagging on your sweaters, it’s time to get your jewelry inspected. Depending on the damage, a skilled jeweler will bend the prong back, retip, or replace the prong. Let a professional jeweler handle these repairs, it’s a fine line between securing a stone and causing more repair issues.

3. Ring Head or Setting Replacement

You see one damaged prong. Sometimes you bring it in right away, other times life goes on. When it comes time to a jewelry cleaning and inspection other prongs have joined the party. Ring head or setting replacement repairs are needed when multiple or all prongs have damage. That’s the thing holding your lovely diamond. Trust a jeweler’s expertise to repair all of a ring head. This will take care of stone tightening and leave you with healthy prongs. It saves you money and keeps your stone safe!

4. Chain or Clasp Repair

You never take off that necklace, do you? You wear it with every outfit, at the beach, in the shower. A few links in the chain look a little off, the clasp is loose, what can you do? Broken necklaces and chains or clasps are common and fast jewelry repair. A professional jeweler will match up the quality metals to replace broken chains and clasps. A seamless transition for your beloved necklace.

5. Stone Replacement

Stone damage can be a result of a sharp blow or damaged prongs. Loose or chipped stones can be caught early by a routine jeweler’s inspection. If you haven’t been in to see a highly-skilled jeweler in a while, the stone can end up damaged enough for you to see. Stone Missing Repair Stone replacement isn’t always from a damaged or lost stone. It can be a celebration when a milestone is reached in your life and you want to reward yourself with an upgrade. We personally love hand-picked Antwerp diamonds. Ask us when our next trip is and give your diamond a story of its own! Antwerp Diamond Trip

6. Polishing and Cleaning

6 months or 6 years, your jewelry can use a spa day! Residue from lotion or soap sticks around leaving your beloved piece dull. A quick dip in the ultrasonic, polish, and steam clean will brighten its day! Polished and Cleaned View Wow! What a difference! Regular jewelry inspections and cleanings will extend the life of your engagement rings, necklaces, bracelets and more. A jeweler you can trust will make sure everything is in tip-top shape. Join our Spa Club membership to save on cleanings and inspections for all of your jewelry. Long time no see. Jewelry repair of Baltimore in Towson can take care of all your repairs. Most common or not. Get your jewelry inspected today! FREE ESTIMATE

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