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5 Most Common Questions About Custom Jewelry Design

Custom Jewelry Design Engagement Rings Showcase View You’ve shopped around at every jewelry store online and in-person, but you haven’t found the one. You inherited your great grandmother’s ring for your engagement, if only it wasn’t so gaudy. The perfect earrings for your doctorate graduation lie in your old favorite necklace that hides tarnished and broken. We have three words for you: custom jewelry design. Whether you want to revitalize an old piece of jewelry or want to create your own engagement ring, custom jewelry design is your answer and Nelson Coleman is your place! Here are the 5 most common questions about custom designed jewelry.

1. What’s The Custom Jewelry Design Process?

You are involved in every step of the custom jewelry design process to provide opinions and critiques to create your own unique jewelry.

Step One: Free Consultation

The journey to create your own engagement ring or other jewelry starts with a free consultation with an experienced designer. You will talk over your ideas, story, and feelings to be incorporated in a one-of-a-kind jewelry design. From the consultation, basic sketches begin to breathe life into your custom design jewelry. The designer will discuss wearability and comfort depending on the stone quality and precious metals choices.

Step Two: Jewelry Rendering with CAD

Rebecca's custom designed ring CAD photo After approval of the sketches, the jewelry rendering service, computer-aided design (CAD), is presented. The photo-realistic image is altered to perfection to meet your expectations before the next step. If our experts are providing the center stone, we will provide our hand-selected stones for you to choose your favorite from. Or if you are shopping for diamonds on your own, make sure you research how to shop for diamonds.

Step Three: Wax Model

Custom Jewelry Design Mold Showcase View The custom jewelry design 3D wax model really hits home as a hands-on preview of your final dream jewelry. This step makes sure that custom jewelry CAD renders properly into the 3D accurate model. Can you have your custom jewelry already?

Step Four: Casting & Finishing

Yes, the final step at last! The experts handcraft the metal version from all of the jewelry rendering services. The metal is shined, textured, and detailed to your custom design. The master gem-setter sets each stone into the setting with care and quality. After a final inspection of accuracy and quality by us, you will be presented with a custom designed jewelry beyond your dreams! Create your own engagement ring in heirloom quality jewelry at Nelson Coleman Jewelers. Contact Nelson Coleman Jewelers to set up a free consultation!

2.How Much Does Custom Jewelry Cost?

Custom Jewelry can cost around $350 and up. Whether you’re making your grandmother’s necklace more upbeat or looking to create your own custom diamond jewelry, the budget is up to you. It is up to your preferences in gemstones, metal, and complexity of the design. But is it really worth the cost? Yes it is worth it! Custom jewelry design can cost less than manufactured pieces.

3.How Long Does It Take to Make an Engagement Ring?

How Long Does It Take to Make an Engagement Ring Question View The custom engagement ring timeline ranges from six to twelve weeks. The time depends on how complex the custom jewelry will be and how many custom orders are ahead of yours. After the consultation, it can take one to three weeks for rendering and CAD, one to two weeks for the wax mold, and two to three weeks for your finished custom engagement ring. Every step will await your approval and satisfaction! When creating your own engagement ring the big date is what matters. If there is a specific time you need to pop the question, we will work to speed up the process and give a more accurate completion time.

4.What Is Possible?

You can create your own custom diamond engagement ring, necklace, earrings, hairpin, cufflinks — you name it! Whatever metal, gemstones, or jewelry type you long for, name your ideal jewelry configuration and we’ll make it. Something we don’t recommend is using significantly damaged items like gemstones from previous wear. If they are in fair condition, no problem! Take a look at some ideas for repurposing your vintage estate jewelry or example of a custom designed engagement ring.

5. Can a Jeweler Copy a Ring?

Yes and no. Yes, we can copy universal styles like a vintage halo setting with a split shank in white gold. No, we cannot make an exact copy of a specific Tiffany & Co. ring that you saw last week. Our designer can look at a few of your favorite designer engagement rings and create something new from them that ties into your personal story.

Custom Designed Jewelry Versus Machine Made

You now know the answers to 5 custom jewelry design most common questions: the process, cost, time, what’s possible, and if we can copy a design. Still on the fence? Manufactured jewelry is designed to please everyone, not your individual tastes. Everyone will like it, but will you love it? Even rare designs can still be mass produced by the thousands. Are you just like thousands of other people? Planning on passing your special piece for generations? Manufactured jewelry isn’t built to last. Love Custom Jewelry Design Hand View Custom designed jewelry is made to exceed your expectations on loving jewelry. It is made to be a reflection of you, your passions, and experiences. The quality is superb, so you can pass on your custom designed engagement ring, necklace, earrings, and more to your children for the many generations to come.

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