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4 Easy Ways to Create a Custom Engagement Ring: Personalize Your Ring

Pictured above: vintage, modern, solitaire, three-stone, and halo engagement rings.

It’s tiring to scroll through page after page of engagement rings like the ones above. Maybe that one, but you’re not sure? What if that engagement ring was a little different? If you can’t find one that hits you over the head, we can help you personalize your engagement ring.

Now picture that “eh” engagement ring with an oval center diamond instead of round. That half carat in a carat and a half. Pink diamond in a rose gold setting? Ooh la la. These are four easy ways to create custom engagement rings without any custom design costs.

What Engagement Ring Style Fits Your Personality?

1. Which Diamond Shape is Ideal for Your Ring?

Round diamond engagement rings are the most popular and versatile. You should get that right? Wrong. When choosing an engagement ring, you want it to reflect you!
Diamond Shapes Compare View
Is she more traditional with a love of popular trends? She’ll love the round and princess cut diamonds. How about a modern, trendy alternative? That will be a pear-shaped diamond that maximizes brilliance with a slender silhouette.

For a love of the past, the cushion cut diamond is the way to go. With a pillow-like distinct appearance, this shape has better color in the light for more fire! Ovals are good for an active lifestyle thanks to rounded edges. Traditional with a twist, the oval shape makes the stone appear larger!

Emerald shapes are great for a larger elongated style. The cut will reflect and dazzle any onlooker. Emerald city here you come! Take emerald to the next level with an Asscher shaped diamond. Attract more attention with even more brilliance!

What a batch of shapes to make a diamond look larger! But wait there’s even more.

The marquise is for a symmetrical lover. With the large crown surface, it will make your diamond look bigger. Radiant shapes are for the sparkle-loving person with a mildly active lifestyle. The beveled corners give it stability. Pairing with round or square shapes will make anyone swoon!

2. Size

The biggest diamond isn’t always ideal. Finding the largest diamond to propose with can be overkill.

Do you care more about the largest diamond or the clarity? Completely colorless or nearly?

[column md=”2″ xs=”4″]

0.25 Carat
4.1 mm

[column md=”2″ xs=”4″]

0.50 Carat
5.0 mm

[column md=”2″ xs=”4″]

0.75 Carat
5.8 mm

[column md=”2″ xs=”4″]

1.00 Carat
6.5 mm

[column md=”2″ xs=”4″]

1.50 Carat
7.4 mm

[column md=”2″ xs=”4″]

2.00 Carat
8.2 mm


Choosing the right size, color, cut, and clarity depends on your personal desires and budget. You can brush up on the 4C’s all you want. But we recommend you send a message to one of our experts to help you see the big diamond picture.

3. Colored Stone Engagement Rings

Colorless diamonds make up your mother’s ring, your best friend’s, and a certain someone’s you loathe. You can have more than the status quo. Hell, you deserve more! Engagement rings with different colored stones will make your ring stand out.

Diamonds do make a great durable choice for a ring you will wear every day. They top the charts on the hardness scale. Don’t worry, you can keep it a custom designed diamond engagement ring with alternative color. Blue, green, pink, orange, yellow, purple and more! Whatever suits your fancy. Substitute that colorless diamond ring for a decadent custom pink diamond engagement ring.
Alternative Colored Stones Mix View
Alternative stones can each range in many different colors. Our favorites for color and durability are sapphire, ruby, and moissanite. These precious colored stones are next best to diamond hardness. There are seemingly endless custom alternative stone ring possibilities. Be careful not to dip too low on the Moh’s hardness scale to avoid many more damage issues down the road!

Take a look at Elise and Sarah’s custom colored stone engagement rings for ideas.

4. Customize Your Metal Color

White or Yellow? Hold up. Let’s explore your color options and metal type.

A common question we hear, “will rose gold still be in style?” or “is rose gold classic enough?” Yes, it is! You don’t need to hesitate if you love rose gold. You don’t need to be worried about what you’ll think of it in forty years or if you can pass it down to your children. Rose gold is as classic and timeless as white and yellow gold engagement rings.

Looking for an alternative to gold? Platinum and palladium will stand up to daily wear. These two white metals are also a great hypoallergenic alternative.

Most rings can be custom made to your metal choice! If you are trying on a white gold ring in the store or see it online, ask about your metal options. You don’t need to settle!

Personalize Your Engagement Ring

Take any style ring and turn it into your own special engagement ring! A three-stone engagement ring can transform with a blue center stone set as a halo. The possibilities are yours to explore!
Custom Engagement Rings Display View

Fully customized engagement rings are very special, but sometimes all you need for personalization is changing one or more of four ways to customize an engagement ring.

Did one of these customized rings catch your fancy? Take a look at the vintage-inspired, modern, solitaire, three-stone, and halo engagement rings from the image above.

Drop by any day of the week or schedule a free consultation and our jewelry experts will help you create a personal engagement ring.

Are these four easy ways to customize an engagement ring not enough? Take a look at How to Create the Custom Wedding Ring of Your Dreams. If you need some ideas, have a look at our custom designed engagement ring blogs like Brian and Danielle’s.

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